2K's Relationship With WWE Has Reportedly Become 'Seriously Strained'

It's been a busy couple of days for the wrestling world and WWE's 2K series in general, with a brand-new trailer and release date of March 2022 cropping up for WWE 2K22 over the weekend, which is later than usual for the series.

We've been hearing good things about how the game is shaping up, but even so, a new report coming from SportsGamersOnline has suggested that behind the scenes, 2K and WWE have been butting heads for a while.

Following the highly disappointing WWE 2K20, the wrestling company reportedly "made [2K] know they want a better product this time around", and was also said to have "made it known, almost annoyingly so, how much [WWE 2K22] means to the future of the franchise". As a result, according to one source, there's been a lot of second guessing on the development team "because of a desperation to get things right.”

"It just hasn’t been a fun place to be.

Second guessing happens constantly because of a desperation to get things right."

It was also suggested that back in early 2020, WWE made subtle threats to potentially sign with other publishers.

The latest bit of tension reportedly cropped up because of the release date, with WWE wanting to get the game out in its usual November slot, and 2K and Visual Concepts "pushing hard" for a delay. One of the reasons is said to have been because of the vast number of superstar releases in WWE recently, which has led to an outdated roster.

Assuming the comments are true, then, there seems to be a fair bit of tension between the two parties, although a source mentioned that "one great game and fan response could turn things right around.” A developer was quoted in the report as saying they're trying to "make the wrestling game fans want", so let's hope they can succeed!

"'We are fans and gamers like everyone out there,' one developer said. 'We are doing everything we possibly can to make the wrestling game fans want.'"

Do you think 2K will be able to turn things around with WWE 2K22? Give us your thoughts down below.

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