Random: Phil Spencer Reveals His Thoughts On Halo's Craig The Brute

This is the news you've been waiting for! Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed what he thinks of the Halo Infinite "Craig the Brute" meme, even going as far as to call him "our new official Xbox mascot!"

If you're wondering what this whole "Craig the Brute" thing is all about, the meme originates from last week's gameplay reveal of Halo Infinite, originally used to highlight an example of the demo's supposedly poor visuals. But the Brute has since been embraced by the Halo community, and now even the head of Xbox himself:

Halo Community Director at 343 Industries Brian Jarrard even went as far as to confirm this "poor deadpan Brute" is officially called Craig now, so it looks like it's set in stone! Let's just hope all the attention doesn't go to his head...

What do you think about the whole "Craig the Brute" thing? Share your favourite Craig images in the comments.

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