Free-To-Play Xbox Console Exclusive ExoMecha Has Been Delayed To 2022
Image: TwistedRedGames

The impressive looking FPS ExoMecha was scheduled to launch this month, but the team at TwistedRedGames have now confirmed it's been pushed back to Q1 2022.

ExoMecha is a free-to-play title heading to PC, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S as a console exclusive. It looks to be a mixture of Titanfall and Transformers, with robotic goliaths roaming the map as you battle it out.

Unfortunately, the delay has been made to give players "the best quality and flawless gaming experience" imaginable. The developer added that "the additional time provides [the] passionate team [the chance] to refine ExoMecha as [they've] always imagined it".

Additionally, private invites will begin being sent out from September as part of the game's pre-release tests. While these will initially be for PC only, they will include Xbox players in the future.

ExoMecha joins a number of other games in a wave of delays. The Xbox Game Pass title Lemnis Gate was recently pushed back until September, whilst Resident Evil Re:Verse was moved to 2022. With the global pandemic still going strong, we imagine these won't be the last we hear of this year unfortunately.

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