Lemnis Gate is one of the many day one launches scheduled for Xbox Game Pass this year, but it unfortunately won't be releasing this summer as previously stated, having been delayed until September 28.

In a message on social media, the team explained that they require "a little more time to ensure everyone has a great experience from day one", thanking fans for their understanding in the process.

If you haven't heard of it, Lemnis Gate is a time-looping, mind-bending, turn-based strategy shooter, in which the 25 second time loop "adds a new twist that allows you to harness the power of time as you fight and innovate across past, present, and future simultaneously, making strategy just as important as skill."

Just a bit longer to wait, then!

Lemnis Gate is a turn-based, combat strategy FPS introducing revolutionary 4D gameplay. It is turn-based thinking meets skilful shooting over five time-twisting rounds across four different game modes.

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