Seven months on and Cyberpunk 2077 players are still awaiting a completely smooth experience. The next-gen version has been promised in the second half of 2021, but until then, Xbox owners are forced to play via the backwards compatible version. All this time later, Digital Foundry has checked in on the game to see how things are and it still appears there's some work to be done.

It's hard to compare the Xbox Series X version of the game against the PlayStation 5, according to the analysis, which looks in on June's 1.23 update. While Xbox shines with its unique graphics mode on Series X, the PlayStation 5 sees more stable framerates in performance mode. When compared to Sony's console, the Xbox Series X drops much further than its competitor.

"The reality is that Xbox Series X's performance mode is well off the pace, with PS5 sticking to 60fps in places where Series X drops aggressively under - the game's Street Kid tutorial shootout being an on-point example. Again, if we have a next-gen version wish list, this would be the next addition. Xbox Series X's performance mode must be locked, and optimised for a consistent 60fps, without having to rely on a VRR display to smooth out the performance issues."

Despite that, the Xbox Series X is said to do a good job in filling the streets with NPCs, better so than on PlayStation. Digital Foundry also comments on how the Series S version is "in great shape", and "continues to deliver a good experience for a machine at its price-point".

Unfortunately, the Xbox One versions of the game are claimed to be the ones that need the most optimisation. While it's said a lot needs changing for the Xbox Series X upgrade when it launches, the last-gen systems appear to still need quite a bit of love and care too.

"Based on CD Projekt Red's roadmap, patch 1.23 is the last major revision of the game before we get the proper 'next-gen' upgrade, penned in roughly for the second half of 2021. Without a doubt, further optimisations are needed across the board - especially on the last-gen Xbox platforms, but stability aside, Cyberpunk's visuals and performance have remained relatively static on the new wave of consoles since launch."

Following on from June's huge update, CD Projekt claimed Cyberpunk 2077 is now at a "satisfactory level" of stability, but this analysis shows there's still more to be done. While there are benefits on Xbox, it still appears work is needed - especially on the Xbox One.

There's no word on any huge updates going forward, but with the next-gen upgrade coming within the next few months (delays permitting), maybe the game will finally run the way many had originally hoped for.

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