343 Industries Are Hoping To Have At Least One More Halo Infinite Flight Before Launch

Halo Infinite's first Technical Preview has come and gone, but hopefully at least one more is on the cards before launch, as developer 343 Industries has said it "hope[s] to land at least another larger scale flight".

The information comes from Halo's community director Brian Jarrard, who thanked fans for their participation in the recent flight. From the data obtained over the weekend, the team is reportedly "digging into game data, crash logs, bug tickets, and feedback threads to turn into actionable items as warranted".

A recap on the events is expected to come in a Halo Waypoint blog in the future, but 343 Industries is also hoping to have at least one more flight before launch. Jarrard added that the "hope is to land at least another larger scale flight, properly focused on PVP and other aspects of the MP experience".

There are no timings when this will be, if it comes into play at all, but again, fans have been reminded to sign up to be a Halo Insider to be eligible for access.

As for the most recent flight, we came away feeling very impressed with what's being cooked up. While it's still early days to get a full sense of how Halo Infinite will play, it was a great first impression for the game's multiplayer, with fantastic gunplay, a fluid sense of movement, and a feeling of classic Halo. All we need now is a release date!

Would you like to see another Halo Infinite flight before launch? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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