Xbox Still Eager To Fill 'Family-Friendly' Gaps In Its Game Portfolio
Image: Rare

Xbox is absolutely killing it right now with studio acquisitions and game announcements, but there's always room for improvement according to Microsoft's gaming division boss, Phil Spencer.

During the 500th episode of IGN's Unlocked podcast, the head of Xbox was queried if he felt there were still "gaps" left to fill in the company's portfolio in terms of studios and games. Phil was quick to mention how he thought there was still an opportunity to tap into more "family-friendly" content. Here's his full response:

"Absolutely, when I look at the portfolio I still think there's an opportunity for us with, I'd say, more family-friendly content..."

He also touched on the diversity of studios and how this area could also be improved:

"When I think about the geographic diversity of our first-party studios, I think there's still work for us to do there."

This obviously isn't the first time Xbox has touched on its eagerness to improve its family offerings or the "geographic diversity" of studios - with a strong focus on Japan in recent times, and it's nice to see the team hasn't forgotten about all of this. Improvements such as these will no doubt help it become a stronger global brand in the future.

And in regards to family-friendly content in particular, Spencer highlighted last October that "casual content with a broad appeal" was missing from Xbox's portfolio, so this focus is evidently still "critically important" to the Xbox boss.

How do you think Microsoft could improve the gaps in its portfolio? Leave a comment down below.

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