Xbox Has Plans To Become A 'Stronger Global Brand' Over The Next Couple Of Years

There's been a little bit of disgruntlement over the past few years about Xbox's presence in certain markets across the globe, and head of Xbox Phil Spencer has confirmed this is a big area of focus for the team right now.

Speaking during the IGN Unlocked 500 podcast, Spencer acknowledged that Xbox has traditionally been pretty strong in the likes of North America and the UK, but the goal is to "become a strong global brand in all markets."

He mentioned that Microsoft is willing to invest to make this happen, and the team is "going through a transformation right now" to do more localisation work and "build more community and social leaders" in those markets.

This is set to take place over the next year-or-two according to Spencer, who reiterated that "this is a real focus for us right now." Xbox has already got off to a great start over the past year in Japan, which is now the brand's fastest-growing market worldwide, and stock of the Xbox Series X and S has been selling out in the country "within minutes".

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