Xbox Might Eventually Acquire Studios In India, Africa & South America, Suggests Phil Spencer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been talking to The Guardian as part of a new interview, where was asked about whether the company would look to expand its acquisition strategy to "new types of studios, in new places."

The Guardian directly asked Spencer whether the industry's need to "expand into new demographics and territories" meant that Microsoft would look at potentially purchasing a studio in India, Africa or South America in the future:

“It would actually surprise me if that doesn’t happen. Just knowing the talent that’s available, and the tools [such as game engines Unity and Unreal] that are so much more accessible … I would be surprised if in the next three to five years, you don’t see numerous studios in places that aren’t the traditional hubs of video game development.”

Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty also weighed in on the topic, enthusing that "there should be a several-hundred-person studio" in one of those territories, "not for outsourcing or support, but a team building whatever the version of the best blockbuster game may be for that market," which is "very much the vision" for the Xbox team.

It's good to know that Xbox is looking at expanding its reach when it comes to studio acquisitions in the future, and like Spencer, we'd be surprised if Microsoft didn't make a couple of "non-traditional hub" purchases in the future.

What are your thoughts on Spencer and Booty's comments about this? Let us know down below.