Lost Judgment is fast approaching with its September 24 release date, and while we've had a decent look at the game so far, this latest trailer packs as much as it can into its roughly two-minute runtime.

A lot is thrown at us during the short trailer, but one noticeable highlight is the vast array of mini-games. Protagonist Takayuki Yagami can be seen engaging in parkour, robot battles, boxing, dancing, motorcycle racing, skateboarding, and dog walking. The last in particular is our favourite as it appears you can use your trusty Shiba in combat situations. This is on top of the previously confirmed playable SEGA Master System and Sonic Fighters arcade cabinet. Count us in!

Outside of that, there's more story details to sink our teeth into, along with a new look at the game's evolved investigation mechanics. These were fairly barebones in the original game, but here there seems to be a lot more emphasis on stealth and taking down opponents. Hopefully it all comes together.

If you're interested you'll be happy to know digital pre-orders are now live via the Microsoft Store. Both the standard (£49.99/$59.99) and Digital Deluxe Edition (£54.99/$69.99) are up for grabs, the latter coming with the Detective Essentials Pack and a School Stories Expansion Pack.

The first game is also available on Xbox Series X and Series S now, so you can catch up on the story ahead of the sequel. Xbox appeared to recently suggest Judgment could be heading to Game Pass, but we've heard nothing yet.

Will you be picking up Lost Judgment? Let us know in the comments below.

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