In perhaps the most unusual announcement of the Sonic Central showcase, the blue hedgehog is making his way into a few SEGA games this year. Lost Judgment, Two Point Hospital, and even the official Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games video game. No, we're not kidding.

Starting off we have the ability to dress up your avatar in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as Sonic the Hedgehog. Here you'll be able to compete against normal human avatars in your very own cosplay. Tackle tennis, football, and a wide variety of other sports as the iconic hero when the game launches on June 22.

If that wasn't weird enough, then perhaps his inclusion in Two Point Hospital will suffice? You'll be able to deck out your hospital staff in a variety of Sonic outfits, such as Tails and Knuckles. Tons of decorative items can also be used to spruce up the environment if you so wish. If you've ever wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog themed hospital, then the free pack will be available for all players on July 30.

Finally we have the coolest crossover with Lost Judgment. As is the tradition with the Yakuza series, players will be able to visit the SEGA arcade and dive into a variety of mini-games. This time around, players can jump into Sonic the Fighters, a recreation of the classic 1996 game. It will be included in Lost Judgment when it launches on September 24.

Oh, and the showcase even teased Sonic coming to Minecraft in the future as well...

So, there we have it. A wide range of weird and wonderful Sonic the Hedgehog crossover events to get your hands on throughout the year. We're most excited for the Lost Judgment one - especially if it features online play.

What crossover are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.