Space Jam: A New Legacy is releasing in cinemas throughout certain territories today, and to coincide with its launch, the new Xbox exclusive game is now available for free to all Xbox One, Series X and Series S owners.

The game, which was playable for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members for a limited time, is the result of an Xbox contest. Back in December, fans were tasked to pitch an idea for a Space Jam game, and two lucky winners saw their ideas come to life, with the final product serving as a beat 'em up based on the franchise.

You can choose to play as LeBron James, Bugs or Lola Bunny as you bash, smash and crash your way through legions of enemies in this bite-sized adventure.

If the game isn't enough, then Xbox has also launched three Space Jam themed controllers to commemorate the release of the movie. There's also an extra controller tied behind a Nike sneaker bundle if you're a huge fan.

Xbox is going all-in on Space Jam: A New Legacy, even going as far as to send care packages to influencers. You may as well make the most of their generosity and download the free game, even if it's just for some cheeky achievements.

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