It's no secret that last year's July showcase of Halo Infinite's campaign was lacklustre. While the foundations were there, it seemed at the time that it needed much longer to cook. The series' co-founder Marcus Lehto also shared in those initial fears, recently revealing he was "pretty worried" by what he saw at last year's reveal.

Speaking to YouTuber HiddenXperia (and transcribed thanks to GameSpot), he delved into his opinion on last year's showing compared to the most recent look. Even though Lehto no longer works on the series since pursuing an independent videogame developer career back in 2012, he added that he's excited to see that 343 Industries has taken the feedback into consideration and come out swinging with the game's multiplayer showings.

"I was pretty worried by what I saw last E3. I think the community in general was. But, you can clearly see that 343 listened to all of that feedback, and what they turned around for this year was impressive. So, so exciting to see that they took all of that feedback to heart.

And I think they knew in general what they really wanted to do in making it look and feel better. The multiplayer overview was just fantastic and really exciting to see. I cannot wait to play the game and get in there and just see how it feels. Just the visual feel of it too."

He also joked that he's "kinda jealous" of 343 Industries these days, as he believes "it looks like one of the best Halos that has been created thus far".

"Not gonna lie, I'm kinda jealous because I think it looks like one of the best Halos that has been created thus far. So I really can't wait to hop in there and see what they've done with it. I have all the hope and positive vibes for 343 when it comes to them wrapping up Infinite and getting it out there this fall. I hope the community is there to support them as well."

We're with Lehto on this one. The recent multiplayer overview and extended look really reignited our excitement for the game, and we can't wait to get our hands on it later this year.

If you're just as excited and eager to check out the game, a multiplayer preview is arriving sometime this summer - but you'll need to sign up for access. Luckily, we've curated a guide explaining how to register for Halo Infinite's upcoming multiplayer beta, so you won't have to fear about potentially missing out.

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