Xbox Hands Out $10 Gift Cards Following Design Lab 'System Error'

Here's a nice little gesture of goodwill! The return of Xbox Design Lab suffered a slightly turbulent start following its reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2021 event, with Microsoft handing out gift cards in the process.

Some of those who ordered a Design Lab controller, such as IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, were hit with a "system error' after placing their orders, leading to an apology email and a complimentary $10 gift card.

Interestingly, the replies to McCaffrey reveal that not everyone who suffered the "system error" was presented with a gift card, with someone even stating they "felt jipped", but the vast majority appeared to get one.

Fortunately, it looks like Xbox Design Lab is back up and running as intended now, allowing you to create a custom Xbox Series X|S controller to add to your collection. And yes, you can use your Microsoft Rewards points on them!

Did you face this "system error" with the new Xbox Design Lab? Let us know down in the comments.