It's been well over six months since Microsoft temporarily took the Xbox Design Lab offline in order to prepare for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but it has returned - as of today - featuring the next-gen controller design.

By heading to the official Xbox Design Lab website, you can build your controller, featuring 18 different colours including the new Pulse Red, Shock Blue and Electric Volt options, along with an all-new black-on-colour ABXY button option, as well as a new black-on-white colour option for the View, Menu and Share buttons.

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Microsoft says the options available are "just the beginning" for Xbox Design Lab, and the team will be "developing new processes, testing new materials, and innovating so we can continue to evolve the Xbox Design Lab experience."

"You can place your Xbox Design Lab order now in the US, Canada and most Western European Countries for $69.99 USD, with optional laser engraving for an additional $9.99 USD. Each controller will be delivered within 14 business days of placing your order."

Will you be creating your own Xbox Design Lab Xbox Series controller? Let us know down below.