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Image: Microsoft

Following on from Jeff Grubb's comments about what not to expect at the Xbox and Bethesda Games show, the same industry insider has now shared a bit more insight about what fans can apparently expect from Microsoft moving forward.

Many of the same games mentioned in yesterday's list have been named-dropped once again - with Grubb claiming 2023 is the most of Microsoft and Bethesda's heavy-hitters are expected to launch. Here is his full comment via a story on GamesBeat:

"But then when is Microsoft going to finally call in the cavalry it has been promising fans since before this generation started? Well, the short answer to that is simple: 2023.

"Right now, the following games are all expected to launch in 2023 for Microsoft: Avowed, Fable, Perfect Dark, Everwilds, Hellblade 2, Contraband, InXile’s next game, Compulsion’s next game, The Coalition’s next non-Gears project"

Grubb goes onto state how there's of course the possibility that some of these games could easily slip, and even suggests Everwild got rebooted - a story for another time, perhaps.

"And all of those are significant projects. Of course, something like Everwilds, which Rare rebooted, could easily slip into 2024 and beyond."

How you would feel about all of the above-mentioned games arriving by or beyond 2023? Leave your thoughts down below.

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