We're so close to the kick-off of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, but it seems we're going to keep getting predictions and insider information right up until the last minute.

While we're expected to learn more about Halo Infinite, the rest of it has been guessing games for most parts. GamesBeat journalist and reliable industry insider Jeff Grubb has now shared a list of games fans apparently should "not expect" to be featured at the Xbox showcase:

Apart from titles like Fable and Perfect Dark - which are seemingly far away from being properly revealed, Jeff went on to mention how Rare's Everwild and the new Compulsion game would also not be present.

How about a Banjo-Kazooie reveal then? According to Jeff, nope:

If all of this has got you wondering what might be on display then, don't worry as Jeff says there'll still be "plenty" to see over the 90-minute event. One follower also shared their own guesses and Jeff responded with the following information:

Are you hoping to see any of the games and series on Jeff's list featured at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase? Tell us down below.