Ubisoft Reveals Company Changes, A Year After Allegations Of Misconduct
Image: Ubisoft

You may or may not remember, but last June saw Ubisoft under the spotlight after numerous employees shared their stories of misconduct within the workplace. The allegations resulted in multiple people leaving the company and Ubisoft vowing to make drastic changes to ensure the proper procedures were in place to prevent further incidents. A year later and the company has released a statement outlining what changes have been installed.

CEO Yves Guillemot acknowledged that "not all team members were experiencing the safe and inclusive workplace", and since then, there has been "a company-wide effort to listen, learn and build a roadmap for a better Ubisoft for all". One of those methods has been creating a channel for employees to report inappropriate behaviour, "including a platform that guarantees anonymity."

Actions have been taken since then, "including training, disciplinary sanctions, and dismissals", and over 14,000 employees took part in a range of group-wide assessments to help make Ubisoft stamp out any misconduct within its walls.

"As a result, we strengthened our non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. We also have created new HR processes and fully updated our internal Code of Fair Conduct. The Code is clearer, more comprehensive, and more actionable. It will be mandatory for all team members to sign when it is published in June. Our teams worldwide have already participated in the initial anti-harassment training sessions. We are also deploying additional mandatory training modules specifically on the topics of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination."

"We have recently implemented a new performance criterion to our compensation scheme with specific expectations for managers. This new attribute will focus on our ability to care for people, behave inclusively, and foster a safe and respectful work environment."

A number of key new leaders have also been implemented to assist with the change in the company, including a new chief people officer and a head of workplace culture. Guillemot added that "considerable progress has been made" over the past year and Ubisoft will "continue to work hard with the ambition of becoming an exemplary workplace in the tech industry."

How these changes will affect the future culture in the company will remain to be seen, but the serious allegations that came out from various staff members appear to have been heard. The aim, as Guillemot states, is to "create real, lasting and positive change at Ubisoft" - but we all know actions speak louder than words.

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