Here’s A Look At Far Cry 6’s Map, And It’s A Big One
Image: Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 had its gameplay reveal late last week, leaving fans understandably hungry for more. While we won't have to wait too long until its October release date, that hasn't stopped the community digging for more information, with a brief look at the game's map being one of the things discovered.

Shared on Reddit, a screengrab of the map can be seen, leading to the speculation beginning. From the looks of it, it's fairly huge, and looks more diverse than previous entries. It appears to have various distinct biomes and even an island off to the side. The gameplay reveal showcased a fully fledged city, jungles, and even an oil rig in the sea. Previous entries have had fairly uninspired locales, so we're excited to see some diversity here.

Despite the sheer size of the map, Ubisoft claimed they didn't want to abandon last-gen systems, meaning Xbox One players should be able to experience this world smoothly. For those who are excited about the game, there's also a collector's edition which comes bundled with a flamethrower - we're not kidding, but obviously it's not operational... unfortunately.

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