For a game that was originally meant to release in February this year, we've not heard much about Far Cry 6 since its delay. But finally, here we are and we have gameplay courtesy of Ubisoft with a release date of October 7.

The gameplay, which you can see above, gives a full, in-depth look at protagonist Dani Rojas. We also get an extensive look at the antagonist, Anton Castillo, played beautifully by Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito. The explosive signature Far Cry gameplay is in full swing, with weapons such as explosive rockets firing from a backpack, to high octane car chases.

The world also looks a lot more diverse than previous entries. We have an entire city to explore, accompanied by lush, gorgeous jungles and wildlands. It's looking to be a truly fun sandbox to take some powerful weaponry into. Oh, and you also get a cute little dog as a companion, so it looks to be a recipe for success.

No doubt we'll hear more in the coming months ahead of its October 7 launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. But so far, it's looking to be another promising entry for the long-running franchise.

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