Battlefield 2021's Trailer Appears To Have Leaked In Audio Form

The first two images of the trailer for Battlefield 2021 reportedly leaked this past Sunday, and now audio of the official trailer also appears to have been uploaded to the web prematurely - a whole 33 seconds of it.

As you'd expect, this audio quickly spread across social media following its reveal. You can hear it below:

There's not really too much we can take from this other than it sounds very hectic - hopefully we'll be able to get eyes on the real thing in the near future. It's believed the official reveal will arrive this month, and it could be very soon indeed.

According to EA, the next Battlefield will be a "jaw-dropping experience" arriving later in 2021, and "has everything we love about Battlefield – and takes all of it to the next level." Let's hope it can live up to the hype!

Are you excited for Battlefield 6? Think this audio is the real deal? Give us your thoughts below.