We'll Hopefully Get A Look At The Next Battlefield In May

EA announced back in early February that it would be officially unveiling the next Battlefield game in the Spring, and now it looks like May is the month in which we'll finally get a look at the 2021 title.

This has been suggested by reliable industry insider Jeff Grubb as part of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, where he explained that as far as he knows, the current plan is for a reveal sometime in May.

"May. Let's add some colour to that... probably May. Things are still fluid, they haven't announced anything publicly yet, but my understanding is they're probably looking at May."

"I think Battlefield 2021 should get revealed before the general E3 timeframe. So before June, I think that means May, is what it seems like to me. That's not a guarantee or anything, but probably May."

We don't know much about the next Battlefield as of yet, but it's rumoured to be a cross-gen game that will return to a modern Battlefield 3 inspired setting, complete with multiplayer matches of up to 128 players.

Need for Speed developer Criterion was recently moved onto the project to assist EA's "fatigued" DICE team, with EA stating at the time that it has "a great game and some incredible potential with this game."

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