Xbox Looking To Publish An AAA Open World Game
Image: Microsoft

This past month has seen a gargantuan amount of Xbox rumours flying around. As we draw closer to E3 in June, we can probably expect more and more to surface, which makes separating the possible ones from the fake ones harder. A new one we've spotted is from a pretty reliable source, and suggests that Microsoft is looking to publish a heavily ambitious game.

In a new article by Windows Central's industry insider Jez Corden, he referenced a recent tease he made earlier this month about some really interesting partnerships Xbox has in the works. The tweet had an emoji which looked eerily similar to either Ubisoft or Sega, but according to Corden, "it's actually in reference to a game Microsoft is looking to publish with a prominent third-party AAA studio."

"I don't want to share more details and spoil upcoming reveals for the devs or fans, but this particular one sounds extremely promising, set in what sounds like an ambitious connected world.

"Microsoft isn't done there either. The above game could be revealed this year, or perhaps next year depending on how development goes. Beyond that, I've been made aware of not one, but at least three additional games being prototyped by Xbox publishing partner studios of a high caliber. None of these are the rumored game Microsoft may be working on with Kojima, either."

This sounds really interesting if true, but obviously, it is worth mentioning that these should be taken with a pinch of salt for now. Although, judging by Corden's track record, this seems like a highly probable bet.

We've seen Xbox come forward full force in the last 12 months, by bringing in Bethesda as a first-party studio, to getting the Sony published MLB The Show 21 onto Xbox Game Pass on day one. At this point, nothing would really surprise us, but it doesn't make these announcements any less exciting.

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