Xbox Apparently Has Some 'Really Interesting' Partnerships In The Works

It's been an excellent period for Xbox - with the brand seemingly stronger than ever right now thanks to acquisitions and partnerships with companies like Bethesda and EA.

According to Windows Central editor Jez Corden, Xbox's publishing arm won't be slowing down, either. He recently shared a somewhat cryptic tweet, mentioning how there were some "really interesting" partnerships in the works.

What seems to be encouraging speculation on social media is the little whirlpool emoji/symbol at the end of Jez's tweet. One common guess is that it's got something to do with Ubisoft or Sega.

Corden has previously spoken about Xbox being "heavily involved" with big third party studios for exclusives, but suggested at the time that certain plans were "really far out." Still, it all sounds pretty exciting for Xbox fans!

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