Balan Wonderworld Demo Is Being Delisted
Image: Square Enix

Balan Wonderworld has come and gone fairly quickly, and hasn’t left a massive impact in its wake. We weren’t big fans of the game, and day one issues revolving around potential epileptic seizures didn’t help. In a strange turn, Square Enix has announced it will be pulling the demo from digital storefronts - starting today.

The demo itself signalled the first problems for the game, with many criticising its controls and visuals. While Square Enix did say it couldn't solve every problem, a day one patch was promised to address some problems players had. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop the game receiving a pretty poor critical reception - despite what some suspicious user scores on Metacritic have stated.

It’s not clear why the demo is being pulled, but it could be due to the poor reception the game has received from critics and fans alike. The trial would also unlock a special costume, which a translated tweet from the official Twitter account has promised will be available to everyone at a later date.

If you’re invested in game preservation, or just want to have a stab at the game before it goes, you only have a few hours left to download it before it’s gone forever. The demo has a selection of levels to try, and roughly two hours worth of content to delve into. You’ll get to try a variety of costumes, see numerous worlds and explore the hub area, The Isle of Tims. There’s undoubtedly some fans of the game out there, so you never know, this could be an underrated gem for you. Maybe....

Will you be grabbing the demo before it’s delisted? Let us know in the comments below.