Balan Wonderworld Is Getting Some Pretty Suspicious User Reviews

It's fair to say Square Enix's Balan Wonderworld didn't get off to the best of starts with the reception to its demo earlier this year, and its full release pretty much went ignored this past week, with reviews nowhere to be found on release day.

We have got one critical review on Metacritic at the time of writing - a 4/10 from Video Games Chronicle - but the user score on Metacritic for Xbox Series X is currently sitting at a whopping 89 from 100+ reviews. So, what's going on?

As you can see above, the user reviews are littered with 10/10s. Some of them could very well be legitimate, but there are a lot of accounts that are posting reviews in unnatural and very broken English, and clicking on those accounts typically reveals that they're brand-new to the site and have only reviewed one game - Balan Wonderworld.

It's nothing new to see user review scores artificially boosted (or decreased) on Metacritic, but it's a shame when it happens. We'll have our review of Balan Wonderworld in the near future, and we're crossing our fingers that it's good.

Have you started playing Balan Wonderworld yet? What do you make of it? Tell us down below.