Battlefield 6 Rumoured To Be A Cross-Gen Reboot, Multiplayer Aiming For 128 Players

The upcoming Battlefield 6 is said to be a soft reboot for the series, across two generations, and with multiplayer to focus on 128 players, an insider has claimed.

As reported by VGC, information for the new title comes from apparent leaker Tom Henderson, who has previously suggested details about the upcoming entry. His YouTube video states that the game will return to a modern Battlefield 3 inspired setting and doubles down on his previous claims that it will be targeting multiplayer matches of 128 players.

Additionally, Henderson adds that the game will also be available on Xbox One, albeit with some limitations and being developed by a separate part of the team, so fans shouldn't be worried about it holding the next-gen version back.

EA previously confirmed the existence of a new Battlefield in development, with a showcase from the publisher giving players their first look at the game's impressive next-gen engine at EA Play last year..

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