This past week's Future Games Show had numerous fantastic games to show off, one of which was the recently delayed Back 4 Blood. It's made the delay that tiny bit worse just seeing how great it looks in action.

We got a good look at it back at The Game Awards in December, but the latest developer walkthrough took an emphasis on looking at the unique card system. Special modifiers can be equipped each time you play to give the zombies different effects, such as goop that can call a horde if it explodes on you, or spit that can bind you.

Since the game operates essentially as a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, the 'Game Director' from the original series returns, which ensures the waves of undead are unpredictable every time you play as the AI determines what you fight against. Throw in these modifiers and you're in for a rough time.

We're probably never going to see an official Left 4 Dead 3, but this really does look like the next best thing. It's been delayed until October, but an open beta will be available to try at some point this summer on Xbox.

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