Poll: How Are You Finding FPS Boost On Xbox Series X|S So Far?

The big news of this week from an Xbox perspective was the announcement of 'FPS Boost' - a new program that will be improving the frame rates of select backwards compatible games on Xbox Series X and S.

So far, an initial five games have been given the 'FPS Boost' treatment, which are:

These games are all available to test right now on the new systems, with four of them receiving 60FPS boosts, and New Super Lucky's Tale even going all the way up to 120FPS. Better yet, the original developers haven't been required to put in any work - all of this has been implemented by Microsoft directly.

According to Xbox exec Jason Ronald, more games will be added to the program every couple of weeks over the next couple of months, but for now, how are you finding the initial five? We want to know your thoughts.

Have you tried FPS Boost on the first five titles yet? Give us your thoughts on the feature below.

Which FPS Boost Games Have You Tried So Far?

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How Are You Finding The Performance?