If you're a big movie buff and you're using your Xbox Series X to watch 4K Blu-Ray films, you'll be interested to know that the Xbox Blu-Ray app (which was built for Xbox One) has a few technical issues.

This has been revealed by a next-gen comparison from the YouTube channel HDTVTest, which compared the 4K Blu-Ray playback of both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. During the test, it was highlighted that the Xbox Series X exhibits more color banding, and also can have problems with frame rate skips.

Here's a bit of what host Vincent Teoh had to say (transcribed by TechRadar):

"To sum up, the Sony PS5 is better than the Xbox Series X in terms of 4K Blu Ray playback. While casual viewers will still be satisfied with the 4K HDR presentation from the Xbox Series X, when watching Ultra HD Blu Rays, the Sony PlayStation 5 simply delivered superior color gradation with less posterization, higher chroma bandwidth with less roll-off, as well as glitch-free 24 FPS output."

As Teoh mentions, casual viewers of Blu-Rays probably won't notice any of this on Xbox Series X, and Microsoft did recently fix a problem with black colour levels back in January. Let's hope more updates are on the way!

Would you like to see Microsoft overhaul the Blu-Ray app on Xbox Series X? Tell us down below.

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