Late last year after the release of the Xbox Series X, it became apparent there was an issue surrounding Blu-ray movies and how they seemed to not be portraying the colour black correctly. A recent system update is said to have rectified these issues.

In a video from HDTVTest hosted by Vincent Teoh, he noted that the latest dashboard update had solved the problem. In a quick breakdown, Teoh demonstrated just how pure blacks now look during media content on the Xbox Series X, using Mad Max: Fury Road as a striking example for the picture quality should look like.

Microsoft managed a quick turnaround on resolving this Blu-ray issue, so now your films should look better than ever before. Teoh also acknowledged how the update has ensured YouTube now plays content with HDR, enabling a more dense image with effective shadow and lighting effects.

Have you noticed a change in quality on Blu-rays since the January update? Let us know below.