Control 4

Control Ultimate Edition launched on Xbox Series X|S earlier this month, but players have been plagued with an assortment of crashes which has hindered their progress and enjoyment with the game. It seems the first patch addressing those issues is set to launch at some point today.

As spotted on Twitter by True Achievements, the communications director for Remedy, Thomas Puha, has told fans to expect an update available on Xbox Series X|S later today that seeks to fix "some of the crash[ing] issues on X|S and mission related bugs."

However, this is only the beginning, as Puha relayed in a follow-up tweet that the team is still working closely with Microsoft over the Xbox Series X|S crashing issues and has another fix currently in testing. This means an additional patch to fully rectify the issues is still on the way.

After reports of crashing problems on the Xbox Series X|S surfaced, 505 Games quickly acknowledged the issue and promised a fix. Hopefully these patches work on making the experience smoother so players can return to investigating the weird and wonderful world of Control Ultimate Edition.

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