Control Ultimate Edition Is Getting Reports Of Crashes On Xbox Series X

Control Ultimate Edition launched on Xbox Series X|S earlier this week, and while it looks fantastic, it seems some players are encountering an issue which is causing the game to completely crash.

Players have taken to Reddit to share their experiences with the game and how it appears to be crashing on a fairly regular basis. Some are reporting the game will last around 30 minutes before crashing to the dashboard, while others have said it will happen sporadically and have encountered it upwards of five times during their playthroughs so far.

As of yet there is no workaround, and Remedy is yet to confirm whether the team is working on a fix. Still, it's better to be aware before diving into Control Ultimate Edition. Hopefully a patch is in the works in the relatively near future.

Have you ran into any crashes on Control Ultimate Edition? Let us know in the comments below.