UK Retailer Criticised For Expensive Next-Gen Console Pricing

Cast your mind back to a couple of weeks ago, and you might remember a story about UK retailer CEX reselling Xbox Series X consoles at a significantly higher price than the RRP - a practice that has seen the company come under fire from customers and even some staff members according to a new report from Eurogamer.

The report acknowledges that the biggest culprit is the PlayStation 5, which is being sold at up to an eye-watering £815 by the retailer. The company is also paying £200 more than the RRP to acquire the consoles from early adopters.

Here's what one staff member had to say about the decision to Eurogamer:

"Obviously none of us think it's good. We have been told that the price is that high to match with eBay but that's when it was £750, it's now even higher.

"CEX is legally in the right to put the price to whatever they want but morally I find it repugnant and think they are helping keep the scalping prices so high in a year when we could all use a little bit less crap to deal with."

Interestingly, Eurogamer also notes that it has seen an internal email about the prices for pre-owned Xbox Series X stock, which suggests that angry customers should be told that the retailer's prices (£690) are lower than some of the sky-high prices on eBay, and that it also offers a 24 month guarantee with these systems.

Allegedly, the company has been able to instantly re-sell every Series X sold to them so far, and hundreds of additional customers have also registered their interest - so it sounds like they're doing pretty well out of it!

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