UK Retailer CEX Will Take Your Xbox Series X For A Guaranteed £100 Profit

Scalpers have been a known problem with the next-gen launch, as many consoles are quickly being snatched up and resold at extortionate prices. And to a degree, UK retailer CEX is also joining in!

Currently on their site, pre-owned Xbox Series X consoles are selling at an overpriced rate, roughly 50% extra than their initial price. The amount counts for both buying and selling, with CEX offering to take a boxed version off your hands for £550 (that's a guaranteed £100 profit), before selling it on for £690 - a massive £240 more than it's worth!

Don't have the box? Don't worry - the retailer is only knocking off a few quid for anyone who doesn't, with the retailer showing a trade-in price of £546, to be resold at an eye-watering £685.

Interestingly, the Xbox Series S remains unaffected by inflation, with the company selling them at their recommended retail price. While this could just be a glitch, the same applies for the PS5 consoles, which have notably high prices on the standard editions, opposed to the digital which actually feels fair.

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