These 20+ Games Are Coming To Xbox This Week (Oct 27-30)

Welcome to your weekly Xbox roundup! The big release over the next few days is Ubisoft's Watch Dogs: Legion, but we've also got some other highly-anticipated titles on the way, with three LucasArts classics joining Xbox Game Pass!

Let's take a look at the full list of upcoming games below:

  • Carto (Oct 27) (Xbox Game Pass): "Carto is a charming adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-altering puzzle mechanic. Use this power to explore mysterious lands, help a quirky cast of characters, and guide Carto on her journey back to her family."
  • Ghostrunner (Oct 27): "Ghostrunner offers a unique single-player experience: fast-paced, violent combat, and an original setting that blends science fiction with post-apocalyptic themes."
  • Wunderling (Oct 27): "Take control of the Wunderling, a low-level video game goon who has just unlocked the power to jump. Unable to stop or change direction at will, you will need to plan ahead..."
  • Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (Oct 27): "Take control of a podracer speeding through flaming methane lakes, Tusken Raider assaults, anti-gravity tunnels, and much more in a pulse-pounding, do-or-die fight to the finish line."
  • Unrailed! (Oct 27): "Unrailed! is a co-op multiplayer game where you work together with your friends to build a train track across endless procedurally generated worlds."
  • Star99 (Oct 28): "Arcade-style battle-royale shoot 'em up. Perform chain kills on enemies, send special and boss attacks to wreak havoc on your opponents."
  • Five Nights At Freddy's Help Wanted (Oct 29): "A collection of classic and original mini-games set in the Five Nights universe. Survive terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics..."
Ghostrunner (Oct 27)
Ghostrunner (Oct 27)
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered (Oct 29) (Xbox Game Pass): "Day of the Tentacle is back in a remastered edition that features all new hand-drawn, high resolution artwork, with remastered audio, music and sound effects."
  • Full Throttle Remastered (Oct 29) (Xbox Game Pass): "Originally released by LucasArts in 1995, Full Throttle is a classic graphic adventure game from industry legend Tim Schafer..."
  • Grim Fandango Remastered (Oct 29) (Xbox Game Pass): "Grim Fandango Remastered has the all the beautiful art and engaging story fans remember, but has also been remastered to look, sound, and control even better than the award-winning original release."
  • Pacer (Oct 29): "PACER is high-octane anti-gravity racing at its most destructive. Customise your craft and weapons then engage in the campaign, a single-player race or compete against your rivals in explosive online multiplayer for the ultimate combat racing experience."
  • Watch Dogs: Legion (Oct 29): "Build a resistance from anyone in the world as you fight to take back a near-future London facing its downfall. Experience a never-before-seen gameplay innovation that allows you to recruit and play any character."
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (EU) (Oct 29): "Take on the challenge and try to answer the 15 questions, wisely using the four valuable lifelines: 50:50, Phone a friend, Ask the audience and the Switch."
  • Case 2: Animatronics Survival (Oct 30): "You play as Jack. He is a man who has lost everything. Soon he’ll have to pay for his crime. The past has finally caught up with him... Try to save him."
Full Throttle Remastered (Oct 29) (Xbox Game Pass)
Full Throttle Remastered (Oct 29) (Xbox Game Pass)
  • Cube Raiders (Oct 30): "Cube Raiders is a fun puzzle game for one or two players where you must combine groups of dice using the energy of MagnetoGloves."
  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (Oct 30): "Trapped and isolated in the abandoned town of Little Hope, 4 college students and their professor must escape the nightmarish apparitions that relentlessly pursue them through an impenetrable fog."
  • Legends of Ethernal (Oct 30): "Legends of Ethernal is a 2D single-player action adventure game where you need to explore beautiful hand-crafted environments, solve clever puzzles, and battle tough creatures to uncover the truth about your parents’ disappearance."
  • Sweet Witches (Oct 30): "Play as the adorable witches Praline and Vanille who can only rely on their magic ladders, unique abilities and power-ups to claim the sweets they deserve!"
  • Visage (Oct 30): "Explore a mysterious ever-changing house in a slow-paced, atmospheric world that combines both uncannily comforting and horrifyingly realistic environments, and enjoy a genuinely terrifying experience."
  • Axes (Oct 30): "Ready to take down all your enemies? Prepare your weapons and join — an epic battle royale! It's an action-packed game where you prove that you can really rumble on the battlefield!"

More details and screenshots for most of these titles are available over at Xbox Wire. Is there anything you're particularly looking forward to in this list? Let us know in the comments below.