Xbox And Crunchyroll's 'Good Surprises' Revealed As Competitions

Update (Thu 17th Sep, 2020 11:20 BST): The Spanish Xbox and Crunchyroll accounts have unveiled their "good surprises," revealing that they're just competitions to win Xbox Game Pass and Crunchyroll gift cards.

Unless something else happens later today, it looks like there's little to get excited about here!

Original story (Wed 16th Sep, 2020 10:30 BST): Over the past week, Microsoft has announced it's bringing EA's library to Xbox Game Pass, and there have also been some rumours about Microsoft spending "a lot of money" on something Xbox related.

To go with this, a few new tweets have perked the interest of some Spanish Xbox fans. The anime streaming service Crunchyroll recently shared a message via its Spanish account, tagging the official Xbox Spain Twitter account and saying it was looking forward to sharing some surprises later this week.

The Xbox Twitter account then responded. According to the Google translation, the two have some sort of appointment with each other this Thursday. It's got local fans thinking that Microsoft might be perhaps bolstering the value of its Game Pass subscription with the Crunchyroll streaming service.

While there's always a possibility of something like this, for all we know it could be a competition or something else much more minor. We'll try to keep tabs on this one and let you know what exactly it is when we hear an update.

Would you like to see additional non-gaming services adding to Xbox Game Pass? Do you use the Crunchyroll app on Xbox? Leave a comment down below.

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