After months of rumours and speculation, there's still no proper information about what The Initiative is working on.

The most we really know, at this stage, is based on a rumour the studio has been working on a game that "plays in the Perfect Dark universe" but might not be "exactly" Perfect Dark.

Now, Drew Murray - design director at The Initiative - has uploaded a photo of his daughter on Twitter playing the studio's Xbox game. In the picture, she looks rather surprised at whatever is happening on-screen.

"She was struggling to sleep and I was in a good mood, so I carried her upstairs on my back and let her play the @TheInitiative @Xbox game for an hour. It’s been a few months since she last played and she says it’s gotten a lot better y’all. #gamedev #dadlife #playtest"

The fact he showed his young child playing this game has some individuals on social media worried that it might not be the project everyone is hoping for:

"Wait a kid can play this game, awww man it's not a mature title. Ok I can accept that lol. Still excited to see what it is"

Keep in mind The Initiative could be working on multiple games and perhaps one is a much lighter tone. This stems from Aaron Greenberg's comments back in July:

"[The Initiative] is hard at work on some very exciting, uh... pro...uh, work... we'll try to use careful words because people inspect every word"

Or alternatively - maybe Murray doesn't mind if his daughter plays a more mature game under his supervision.

While a lot of details so far seem to suggest it's something related to Perfect Dark, this obviously remains unconfirmed. Let us know what you think The Initiative is working on below.