Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg took part in an interview with YouTube channel What's Good Games last week, and possibly hinted that new Xbox studio The Initiative is working on multiple projects.

The bit in question happened at around the 1:31:20 mark in the video (which is timestamped above), in which the GM of Xbox Games Marketing had to be very careful with his choice of words!

"[The Initiative] is hard at work on some very exciting, uh... pro...uh, work... we'll try to use careful words because people inspect every word - and of course I also want to do right by our development teams who will pay attention to every word I say about every project."

The new Xbox studio is rumoured to be working on a reboot of Perfect Dark, and Greenberg pointed out that the team that Studio Head Darrell Gallagher has built is packed with an incredible level of talent:

"What Darrell Gallagher has built is like an Avengers level cast of talent at The Initiative, and if you've seen the folks that they have there across the industry, from some of the best studios that make some of the greatest games in the industry - he's assembled that."

Finally, the Microsoft exec compared The Initiative's work to the reveal of Ninja Theory's Senua's Saga: Hellblade II last December, explaining that as soon as the team is ready to show something, it will work closely with them to do so.

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