Rumour Is A New Perfect Dark In The Works For Xbox Series X.original

We've been hearing rumours for many months now that new Xbox studio The Initiative is working on a reboot of Perfect Dark, and now trusted industry insider Jeff Grubb has reported a few more details about the project (via VGC).

According to Grubb, The Initiative is indeed working on some kind of third-person Perfect Dark game, but that it might not be exactly as people expect - although it will still take place within that universe:

Ahead of this, Twitter user Rand al Thor 19 had asked Grubb whether it was Perfect Dark or just a new game that heavily features Perfect Dark, with Grubb teasing that "Super Mario Bros. 2 in the U.S. is a Mario game."

It's an interesting development, given that Head of Xbox Phil Spencer sent fans into a frenzy back in January after highlighting that he'd talked to Xbox Game Studios developer The Initiative, teasing that the studio was "challenging themselves to do new things (and old things) in new ways."

Are you buying this rumour? Let us know what you think The Initiative is working on below.

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