Next-Gen Xbox Will Prioritise Buttery Smooth Gameplay, Says Microsoft

Xbox director of project management Jason Ronald has talked a bit more about what he expects from the next generation of Xbox in an interview with The Verge, explaining that buttery smooth gameplay will be a priority.

Despite the graphical enhancements being made for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, Ronald pointed out that visuals won't be as big of a defining factor this time around compared to past releases:

“Historically, console generations have really been defined by how games look. This generation a lot of it is going to be how do they feel? How do they play? When you think about these large open worlds and keeping players immersed in it, I don’t want pop in, I don’t want load times.”

This isn't the first time we've heard statements like this from members of team Xbox - boss Phil Spencer also noted recently that playing on an Xbox Series X has a very different feel to current-gen consoles:

"I've been using Xbox Series X at home now for a few months, and it's a different experience. I've said from the beginning this generation will be more about feel than pure look - I think that's true of all the consoles, but other people can talk for what they're doing.

But we talk about the CPU upgrade this generation that we're bringing, and frame rate/load time differences - it feels very different to play games on my Series X than it does [on Xbox One]. It's hard to go back to be honest, and I can't wait for Xbox customers to get their hands on the same thing."

Are you expecting games to feel a lot better on Xbox Series S / X? Give us your thoughts below.