Phil Spencer: It Feels Very Different To Play Games On Xbox Series X

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently appeared on the 'Animal Talking' show with Gary Whitta, and talked about a whole range of topics, including his experiences with the Xbox Series X so far.

Spencer pointed out that he's been using the next-gen system for quite some time now, and admitted that as a result, he's finding it very hard to go back to Xbox One due to how different the system feels:

"I've been using Xbox Series X at home now for a few months, and it's a different experience. I've said from the beginning this generation will be more about feel than pure look - I think that's true of all the consoles, but other people can talk for what they're doing.

But we talk about the CPU upgrade this generation that we're bringing, and frame rate/load time differences - it feels very different to play games on my Series X than it does [on Xbox One]. It's hard to go back to be honest, and I can't wait for Xbox customers to get their hands on the same thing."

The Head of Xbox also noted that he took home the very final retail edition of the Xbox Series X late last week, and went through the entire unboxing process as if he were laying eyes on it for the first time:

"Brought it home Sunday, opened it up, I tried to find a different TV in the house that I haven't plugged an Xbox into for a while - because I want to have that same experience that somebody would have in their home - put the batteries in the controller, so everything is just as you will buy it in a retail store.

So yeah, that was Sunday, and I feel good! No issues at all, and the team's done really good work, and it's another reason why we felt confident in November as our [launch] date."

Looking forward to getting hands-on with the Xbox Series X for yourself? Let us know below.