Rumour: Free Xbox Multiplayer Could Be Announced In August

Microsoft conjured up a lot of rumours and speculation a couple of weeks ago following the announcement that it was removing yearly Xbox Live Gold subscriptions from the Microsoft Store, with some suggesting that Xbox Live multiplayer might be bundled with Xbox Game Pass, or even made completely free.

VentureBeat reporter and noted industry insider Jeff Grubb then followed this up by suggesting that free multiplayer "seems very close to being a sure thing," and has since added to this by hinting that it might be announced in August.

In response to someone on Twitter, Grubb gave the following response:

And again, Grubb has been doubling down on his belief that Xbox will remove the paywall for multiplayer (and it won't be bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) soon, telling another Twitter user the following:

"Xbox Live Gold is going away and playing online multiplayer will be free. They will not force you into Ultimate to play online."

Additionally, he was also questioned about whether Xbox Live Gold will be removed fully or whether the paywall will simply be removed from free-to-play games, saying he believes it's going away entirely.

Are you buying this rumour, or do you still believe Xbox Live Gold will remain? Let us know your thoughts.

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