12 Month Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions Removed From The Microsoft Store

Eagle-eyed Xbox fans have noticed that you can no longer purchase yearly Xbox Live Gold subscriptions from the Microsoft Store, with just one-month and three-month options now available.

As a result, speculation has ramped up that Microsoft might be preparing to make adjustments to the service, such as embedding it within Xbox Game Pass or even dropping the subscription entirely.

This also follows a recent VentureBeat article from industry insider Jeff Grubb who predicted that Microsoft might talk about the future of Xbox Live Gold at this month's Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, questioning whether it might be time to phase it out due to its outdated nature.

Xbox Live Gold

It remains to be seen whether this is simply a technical error or indicative of a change in strategy, but if it's the latter we'll hopefully find out more information in the relatively near future.

What do you think? Are changes on the way for Xbox Live Gold? Let us know your thoughts below.

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