Phil Spencer: We'll Talk More About Backwards Compatibility In August

Phil Spencer has revealed that the Xbox team will talk more about backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X in August, and teased that more Xbox One games with increased frame rates are likely to be unveiled.

In an interview with the YouTube channel iJustine, Spencer highlighted that the back compat team is doing "amazing work" for Xbox Series X, and people will be really impressed as more is revealed:

"The back compat team for us is - they're like our ninjas in the backroom that just do amazing work, and without spoiling too much, seeing some of the frame rate work they've been able to do on our back compat games to up the frame rate on existing games... As we continue to tell more of that, I think people will be really impressed with the work that team has done and really proud of them."

Microsoft recently announced that the likes of Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Forza Horizon 4 would be getting performance boosts on Xbox Series X, and GM of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg also confirmed that over 40 backwards compatible titles will be specifically optimised at launch.

And based on Spencer's comments, it looks we'll be hearing about more of them next month:

"Focusing on the investment gamers have made in Xbox and making sure that continues, whether that's the controllers that you already own, whether it's the games that you already own - respecting a gamer's relationship with our product to me is critically important, and something that's just become a pillar for the team."

"I'm encouraged that we'll talk more about it - should be August, I think August we'll have more to say on that."

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