Earlier this year, Playful Studios announced the Nintendo Switch release, New Super Lucky's Tale, would be "coming soon" to the Xbox One. It's now locked in a release date - and it'll be officially arriving on 21st August.

If you play this game on the Xbox One X, it will run at 4K and 60fps. If you play it on the original Xbox One or Xbox One S system, you'll be limited to 30fps.

Regardless of your system of choice, here's everything the 'New' version of Super Lucky's Tale has to offer over the original game, according to a summary from Playful Studios:

"It's essentially a remake. New levels, redesigned old levels, DLC added to the main story, full 360 camera, new control rig, music, story, and just about everything else. We spent 18 months developing it after the launch of SLT."

Keep in mind this is a standalone release. Will you be trying out this new and improved version of Super Lucky's Tale when it arrives on Xbox One this August? Leave a comment down below.

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