New Super Lucky's Tale Is Getting A Frame Rate Boost On Xbox One X

When New Super Lucky's Tale first arrived on the Nintendo Switch last November, one of its 'cons', according to our sister site, Nintendo Life, was the performance and how it could be a "little stuttery" from time to time.

"Although the game looks gorgeous, its performance isn’t perfect: it hits a steady 30 frames per second for the most part but there are dips here and there."

Thankfully, this shouldn't be a problem for Microsoft's enhanced console, Xbox One X. According to the official New Super Lucky's Tale Twitter account, the game will run at 4K and 60fps on this particular system. Here's a look at this silky smooth frame rate in a one-minute Xbox One X video demonstration:

In a reply to a fan on Twitter, this same account confirmed the game would be capped at 30fps on the Xbox One S and original Xbox One model (just like the Switch release).

And if you're curious to know what the differences are between this and Super Lucky's Tale, here's a summary from Playful Studios:

"It's essentially a remake. New levels, redesigned old levels, DLC added to the main story, full 360 camera, new control rig, music, story, and just about everything else. We spent 18 months developing it after the launch of SLT."

There's no mention of a release date aside from "this summer," but alongside this most recent update, Playful said it wasn't ready just yet. Stay tuned for more details about this soon.

Until then, tell us if you'll be trying out this new version of Super Lucky's Tale when it arrives on Xbox One below.