New Fable Game Is Definitely On The Way, Reaffirms Insider

We've been hearing reports of a new Fable game for a long time now, but just in case you were still in any doubt, we've had another one courtesy of Funhaus and ex-IGN employee Alanah Pearce.

In a recent YouTube video, Pearce responded to a question of how likely a new Fable game is by confirming that it is "100% likely," and that she knows it's on the way:

"It is 100% likely a new Fable is being made. I promise. I know it's happening."

Alanah also went on to explain that she doesn't know when it'll be unveiled, although it seems likely that it'll make an appearance as part of this month's Xbox Games Showcase on July 23rd. Fortunately, it's not long until we find out!

How interested are you in a new Fable game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.