Activision Is Releasing A New Call Of Duty And Two 'Library IP' Titles This Year

Activision has revealed some of its upcoming projects via a recent earnings call, stating that it's working on a new "premium release" of Call of Duty and two "library IP" to release later this year.

We're excited to hear of a new Call of Duty, although we're not 100% sure what it is. We shared a rumour back in March that Infinity Ward was working on a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 remaster, but the company is also supposedly working on a 2020 title codenamed 'Project Zeus', said to be a new Black Ops game (thanks PCGamesN).

The other two seem to be a bit more nailed on. We've heard a lot of rumblings about a potential Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game coming later this year, so that's a likely one. The other IP probably refers to a new Crash Bandicoot title, which was rumoured back in March alongside the Tony Hawk game.

Regardless, we shouldn't have too long to wait to find out more. There's every chance a couple of these might even pop up during Inside Xbox's first look at Xbox Series X gameplay tomorrow. Let's hope so!

Are you excited for any of these upcoming titles from Activision? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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