Rumour Crash Tony Hawk Call Of Duty Remasters On Way

It's been claimed that Activision are working on various remasters at the moment including games based around Crash Bandicoot, Tony Hawk and Call of Duty. This comes courtesy of TheGamingRevolution on Twitter, who also noted a free-to-play Call of Duty game is on the way in 2021.

Take this with a pinch of salt, of course, as Activision have yet to comment. Interestingly though, the Twitter user and YouTuber suggests the Crash Bandicoot game is actually a remaster of The Wrath of Cortex, which released for the original Xbox back in 2002. It didn't get outstanding reviews back then, although remains popular with fans, and notably was the first major Crash game not to be developed by Naughty Dog.

The Tony Hawk game is simply mentioned as "Tony Hawk Proskater Remastered", which at a guess, might include remastered levels and characters from the first few games. Additionally, a remaster of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is apparently in the works. Check out all of the games included in the tweet here:

Furthermore, they also go on to suggest that Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Remastered "is expected to be the next big Activision game to release," and that Sledgehammer Games' free-to-play CoD game will be available on console, PC and mobile devices in 2021 (ETA).

Do you believe this rumour? Is The Wrath of Cortex Remastered a good idea? Let us know in the comments.

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